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The TRIBES program at Thoreau was implemented to create a positive, safe climate in which the students can learn appropriate life skills and the basics of group interaction.  It consists of daily Tribes activities, which are based on the community agreements of: mutual respect, attentive listening, no puts-downs, and the right to pass. Students are scheduled into multi-age groups consisting of approximately thirteen students and one adult Tribes leader that meet for twenty minutes at the beginning of the day and for ten minutes at the end of the day for Agenda Reflection.  Tribes is an excellent way to build community throughout the school.  

Tribes has become one of the most successful components of Thoreau.  This program has effectively bonded a myriad of personalities from every part of our city.  It has, without a doubt, provided our students a tool for growth and personal development.

TRIBES Components

Community Circles

Students begin each day by participating in a community Circle where they can freely discuss matters of personal concern and relevance as well as school related issues.  This environment allows a close affinity to peers with whom they might not otherwise know.  


Intramurals are held during Tribes allowing competition between Tribal groups by participating in basketball, paper airplane contests, tug-of-war, four square and other physical activities and games.

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