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Thoreau Demonstration Academy Art supply list for 2018-19
Also  listed below:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Materials will remain with the Student<<<<<<<<<<<<

 Supplies can be located in the craft section of Super Walmarts. 

Rudy Guara Art Supply List

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019


  1. Sketchbook (9 x 12”)....Grey or white paper.

  2. No. 2 pencils (or 2B sketching pencils)

  3. Sharpies (constant supply of sharpies - black

  4. Eraser (or kneaded rubber eraser)

  5. Watercolors

  6. Colored pencils


1. pencil sharpener 

2. paintbrush 

3. Markers

4. Oil Pastels 

5. crayons 

6. Chamois cloth

7.Glue stick

8. Scissors

Note - There is no classroom supply of watercolors, paint brushes, glue, scissors, or markers

Extra Credit Supply List (Classroom Supplies)

  1. Box of Tissues - 10 points - for blowing noses, or blending shadow

  2. Masking Tape - 15 points

  3. Scissors - 10 points

  4. Glue - 10 points

  1. Ream of copy paper - 20 points

  2. Towels (hand towels or old towels for cleaning rags)

  3. Paint brush - 5 points

Supply pouch, fits into your binder.

               Sketchbook not smaller than 9” x 12”, it can be larger but it might not fit in the locker.
                Sketchbooks will be used all semester for note taking, sketches and rubric information for projects. 

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