Thoreau Demonstration Academy


Micro Mania 2017

Friday, November 10th

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Emeralds 2/$1.00

5th & 6th Graders and their families are invited to attend,

as well as parents of current Thoreau students.

Come see what Micro is all about!



Thoreau Demonstration Academy




Come see what our nationally awarded

Micro Society has to offer!

Goods and services

in our Emerald City

will be available for purchase.

Bring your “real” money and

exchange it for Thoreau Emeralds.

Exchange rate is $1 for 2 Emeralds



Micro Mania Night


Welcome to the Emerald City

In micro, students write their own resumes, apply and interview for

jobs and are hired by businesses and organizations. Employees get paychecks, pay taxes, have a day off, get to shop in Oz, etc. Students can apply for Law School, to be Peace Officers, work for the IRS, The Bank or the Endowment Fund along with many other types of businesses.

What you can do in Emerald City:

See E.C. Law at work– with lawyers, judges, cases and trials.

Own and run your own business.

Get a manicure or massage at the Day Spa.

Purchase pillows and dog scarves from Stuff It.

Play video games and watch movies at Entertainment Central.

Visit the Internet Café, Karaoke Café and The Bakery.

Enjoy a cappuccino or iced coffee at the relaxing Timber Lodge.

Take in a movie at Disney Movies, with popcorn and cherry limeades.

Buy flowers at Rosemary’s.

Play some fun indoor sports at Sports Center.

Purchase products from the Cord Couture and Wood Works.

And much, much more!

Food products such as waffles, cookies, smoothies, bakery items, popcorn, lemonade, and snow cones are sold by businesses found in Oz!



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