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 If you are interested in Thoreau and want to learn more about it and what it offers,


No appointment or registration is required, simply show up before it begins and plan to be here for the duration.

Micro Showcase

January  9 and 17 from 2:30 pm—4pm

Tribes Showcase

January 12 and 18  from 9am—10:30am



please use the following email address form and we will add you to our emailing for future Thoreau news, events and notifications.

You can also visit us and  learn more at these links:

Thoreau webpage

Thoreau Twitter

Thoreau Facebook

See some Quick Clips of what Micro society can offer.



APPLY: I am going into the sixth, seventh or eighth grade and want to apply to go to Thoreau as my first choice.

click here to apply to attend Thoreau 6, 7, 8

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