If you would like "School Connect"  the mobile app for accessing TPS and TDA
follow the instructions and links below

The TPS / Thoreau Demonstration Academy "APP", School Connects went "live" on Tuesday March 25. 

TPS download links

TPS official page
: An Introduction and steps for  getting started.

Once you register on the site,  click on the following to get to the TDA portion of this app. 

    1. Click on School house icon
    2. Scroll down and click on Thoreau Demonstration Academy
    3. Once that opens, click on the star in the upper right
    4. Type "TDA app" or what ever you want to call this shortcut
    5. Click favorite

Now where ever you see the icon with three parallel horizontal lines(usually in the let corner of the app) you'll find this shortcut to TDA.

Now Click on ONLY  the stuff, class information, TDA groups and organizations information  you want "pushed" to you, your mobile device, etc.

We think this is a great tool we can use school wide, by classes, by grade, by teams, etc.   If you’re curious go ahead and download the app.  I have already put in staff and courses.

From TPS:
On Monday, April 14, 2014,Tulsa Public Schools will introduce this new district-wide app called School Connect to the public.  School Connect is an app for both Apple and Android devices which allows our schools, teachers and groups to send (PUSH) one-way electronic communications to those who have subscribed to the app including parents, students and staff.  (The app may also be viewed on your laptop or desktop PC).  You may download it at www.TulsaSchools.org/app

Drill down further in the app and subscribe to "pushes" from specific schools, classes and groups within TDA.

School Connect is a FREE mobile and web-based app provided by Josten’s. It is used by more than 300 school districts across the US (190 in Oklahoma).

Features for (district/school)’s official mobile app include:

  1. Push and email messaging from both the district and school site levels
  2. GPS mapping and navigation
  3. School calendars
  4. Online grade book access
  5. Tap screens for email and phone for district staff and board of education members
  6. Multiple language options, including Spanish
  7. Lunch menus, athletic information and much more

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