The mission of Thoreau Demonstration Academy is to provide a working facility where secondary teachers, administrators and parents can observe how Research-Based Best Practices are implemented for the benefit of all students.  It is our desire to develop literate, competent and responsible citizens and foster a lifelong love for learning in them. Furthermore, the purpose of Thoreau Demonstration Academy is to create a body-brain compatible learning environment for students and adults, where every child is nurtured to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.


I .  SCHOOL HOURS 9:15 A.M. 4:20 PM                                                             (Extended Day 8:25AM 9:10AM, on Tu., Wed., & Th.)

A.      Special assignment teachers will be on duty at 8:45AM on Mon., & Fri., and 8:15AM on Tue., Wed., &

Thur., for students who arrive early to school.  STUDENTS MAY BEGIN TO ARRIVE AT SCHOOL AT THIS TIME!  On inside days, students are directed to the supervised gyms and cafeteria areas until they are  directed to class.

B.    Classes begins (and students first reported tardy) at 9:15AM                                               (Mon. & Fri., without extended day), and 8:25AM                                                                                          (Tue., Wed., & Thur., with extended day)

C.    Bus times are set for students to arrive before extended day (except late arrival days-Mon., & Fri.), and return after school.  Please direct all bus routing, and transportation questions to the TPS Transportation department at 918.833.8100 (that department functions independently and is not based on site).

II                  BREAKFAST PROGRAM

A.      The school participates in an approved breakfast program for all students.  Breakfast is served from 8:15 to 9:10 a.m.  Applications for financial assistance may be obtained through the school office or the TPS website. These applications are to be completed by every family.

B.       Students may enter the school building at 8:45AM on Mon., & Fri., or 8:15AM on Tue., Wed., & Thur.

C.       Students eating breakfast will do so in the designated area.  These students are responsible for cleaning up their own areas.

D.      Students who are finished eating breakfast or are not eating breakfast may report to the GYMNASIUM after 8:45 (Mon., & Fri.) or 8:15 (Tue., Wed., & Thur.) on an inside day.


1.        Students are to sit in the cafeteria or in the gymnasium and should NOT move about from place to place.

2.        Students are expected to use the Lifeskill of INTEGRITY (to act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong) in the cafeteria and gym at all times.

3.        The supervising teachers will dismiss students.

4.        Four students will be allowed to sit at each table in the cafeteria.


The school participates in an approved lunch program for all children.  Students may purchase their lunch or bring

a sack lunch.  Lunches may be purchased daily, weekly, or monthly through the cafeteria.  Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children, after being properly checked into the school through the bookstore or main office. Applications for financial assistance may be obtained through the school office or the TPS website, and are to be completed by every family.  Teachers will accompany students to the cafeteria and will escort them back to class afterwards. Parents should periodically check with the cafeteria manager to prevent negative account balances, and she can also give information about paying on-line.


A.      Students enter the cafeteria for lunch through the east doors (by the elevator).  Students will return to class

after lunch using the west doors (by the gymnasium).

B.       Students’ behavior will be guided by the Lifeskill of PATIENCE (to wait calmly for someone or something) at all times.  Walking to the serving lines and maintaining orderly behavior is expected.

C.       Four students may sit at each table.

D.      Students are expected to clean the table and the area around it before leaving the cafeteria.

E.       The Lifeskill of CARING (to feel and show concern for others) should be used to leave a table clean for others.

F.       Students exit the cafeteria from lunch through the west doors by the gymnasiums.


If it is necessary for students to leave the building during school hours, parent/guardian should arrive a minimum

of 30 minutes prior to the time needed to depart from school. Picking up students takes time and there is often a line of parents/guardians doing the same thing. Parents/guardians picking up their child/children, MUST sign them out of school through the attendance office in the bookstore (or office), presenting a valid ID.  Parents may

not go directly to the classroom, and anyone visiting MUST check in and wear a visitor badge (at all times).  A

request by phone is not considered an official release from school/ and students will not be brought to the office to wait for parents/guardians. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP FROM THE ATTENDANCE CLERK IN THE LOBBY. Please allow at least 30 minutes for this process (longer time may be needed if several parents are picking up students at the same time and during Micro (the worst time to pick up studetns).  Students will ONLY be released to a parent, guardian, or other persons listed on their emergency (PINK) sheet.  Sheets for student pick-up, listing other adults who may pick up students must be completed BEFORE the child is picked up. Students will be called to the office AFTER being signed out. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE STUDENTS ALLOWED TO LEAVE SCHOOL WITHOUT SPECIFIC PERMISSION FROM THE SCHOOL OFFICE.


The school building should be cleared of all students within 5 minutes from the end of the regular school day.

Parents MUST enter the building to sign out students that are leaving at any time prior to the end of the school day.  Students who leave without a parent (presenting a valid ID) signing them out will be considered

truant/skipping, and subject to disciplinary action.


Enrollment in Extended Day classes is required if your child will be a bus rider, and also if they are a car rider

that arrives prior to 8:45am.  Not attending an assigned class without going through proper procedures will result in disciplinary consequences and may eventually result in removal from the Extended Day program, resulting in parents being required to bring students to school after 8:45AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Telephones in the office/classrooms are for school business.  The only time a student is allowed to use a phone is

when requested by a staff member to address a specific issue.  Students will not be called to the telephone during class periods, unless there is an extreme emergency.  Messages to students must be called in before 3:00PM. Students will be called to the office at the end of the day to pick up messages. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during the school day nor on buses.  This is strictly enforced.  A parent will be required to pick up any confiscated cell phones.


A.      SCHOOL SUPPLIES - All personal items should be marked with the student's name for identification purposes.

B.       TEXTBOOKS - Textbooks are furnished by the school and are issued at the beginning of the year.  IF THESTUDENT LOSES OR DAMAGES A BOOK WHILE IT IS CHECKED OUT TO HIM OR HER,

PAYMENT MUST BE MADE FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE. (Oklahoma School Law, section 342)

C.       BOOKSTORE - A bookstore is provided for student use near the entrance to the main office. The bookstore carries some school supplies, agendas, and locks. It is open daily. When the bookstore is open, all students will be checked in or out there.

D.      LOST AND FOUND Students who find lost articles are asked to take them to the office where the owner may claim them.  Students should regularly check and claim what belongs to them.  Lost and found items

are easier to return to the owner IF the student’s name is located on the article.

E.       PROHIBITED Use of cell phones, games, iPods, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, Mp3’s (or CD’s) and players,

gym equipment, skateboards,  toys, gum, candy, or unnamed items that do not relate to the classroom needs are prohibited! The use of any electronic assistive device must be previously approved through the

principal’s office.

F.       PHYSICAL EDUCATION Students are expected to dress out for physical education classes. The physical education teacher will supply students with the details of the required dress.  PE students are required to use a second lock for securing personal items in the locker room.


A.      Lockers are provided for all students for convenience and storage of their educational and personal

belongings.  Coats, jackets, backpacks, and book bags are to be kept in student lockers during the school day.  These lockers should be locked with a combination lock (numbers only) at all times; key locks


FROM THESE LOCKERS. Students who participate in physical education classes will also need a second lock for the locker room. If cell phones are brought to school, they should be kept in a locker, powered off, at all times.

B.       Students are permitted to go to their lockers before or after each class provided that they are on time for their next class.  A five-minute period is given between classes for students to accomplish this task.

C.       Students have no expectation of privacy as to lockers, desks, or other school property temporarily assigned for their personal use.  School personnel may remove from lockers any articles that are prohibited at school or could be used to interfere with or disrupt the educational process.

D.      DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS OR LOCK COMBINATIONS.  Students are to use only the locker that has been assigned to them by their record teacher. Switching lockers is strictly prohibited. Problems with locker assignments should be brought to the direct attention of the record teacher.

E.       Students will need to use their AGENDA PASS BOOK to leave class during instructional time.


Students may use the rest rooms before and after school, during the break time, or at lunch. Only "emergency"

trips to the rest room are to be allowed, with teacher approval in the Agenda/Pass book, during class time.  Parents need to provide a medical statement in unusual instances.


A.      If a student is ill and must be absent from school for any part of the day, the parent must call the school

office at 833-9700 (selecting the attendance option), or e-mail, and report the absence by 9:30 a.m.

B.       Teachers email parents/guardians an agenda with assignments each week.  Students are encouraged to

complete assignments for day(s) missed.

C.       If a student has been absent for more than three days due to an illness:

1.        They must first report to the nurse before going to class.

2.        After the 3rd day absent, assignments may be requested through the counselor and picked up 24 hours after the teacher is notified. Messages left with a counselor after 3:50 will not be processed until the next day, delaying the pick-up time. Rarely will assignments differ from emailed agendas.

D.      If a student must be absent because of a vacation or a trip, parents are asked to notify the attendance clerk in

advance about a planned absence. The students should use the Lifeskill of INITIATIVE (to do something

because it needs to be done) to make arrangements with the teachers to determine if some advance homework or study can be assigned and completed while they are absent from school.

E.       Students attending secondary schools shall be in attendance a minimum of ninety percent (90%) of the

instructional time scheduled for any particular class/course in that school (or grade) and make satisfactory academic progress in order to be unconditionally recommended for a passing grade.  All absences (excused and unexcused) shall be included in the calculation of the 90% attendance minimum except that the excused absences for religious holidays shall not be counted for the purpose of determining a student’s eligibility for promotion or credit. All absences must have a written or verbal explanation provided by the parent/guardian within 24 hours of the student’s return to school. An absence for which no acceptable explanation is received shall be deemed unexcused. Principals shall review all students’ attendance records reflecting absenteeism in excess of 10% of the scheduled instructional time and shall make a determination, after such review, regarding a recommendation for a failing grade based thereon. Parents/guardians shall be notified, in writing, of any recommendation for a failing grade due to excessive absenteeism (absences exceeding 10% of the scheduled instructional time).  Actions leading to failing grades due to excessive absenteeism may be appealed by the parent/guardian. (School Board Policy 2204-R)


A.      Students who are late to school miss important classroom instruction, are not well prepared for the school

day, and cause a disruption to class.  Students arriving after 9:15AM should report to the bookstore or office to receive an "ADMIT TO CLASS" slip. Parents are asked to send a note with the student to assist with

admitting the student into school.

B.    In consideration for those who prepare classes and activities for the students, all students are expected to be prompt to and prepared for classes and school activities.  The Lifeskill of ORGANIZATION (to plan,

arrange, and implement in an orderly way; to keep things orderly and ready to use) is expected of all students. Continued tardiness reflects an attitude lacking consideration for oneself and others.  Students who are   habitually tardy to class will be referred to the counselor for proactive intervention.  Further tardiness after this intervention shall be considered a disciplinary problem.


A counselor is available to help assist students and parents with the Lifeskill of PROBLEM-SOLVING (to createsolutions in difficult situations and everyday problems).  This may include scheduling and other social and schoolwork problems.  You are encouraged to talk with your counselor when you need help.  Please refer to theThoreau ( website to determine which counselor is the correct contact for your student.




COMMUNITY.  The Lifeskill of INTEGRITY (to act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong)should guide student behavior at all times.


It is expected that the following guidelines will provide our school with fair and consistent regulations to ensure that every student has the opportunity and the positive atmosphere to affect their maximum learning potential at Thoreau Demonstration Academy:


1.        The administration, staff and parents of Thoreau Demonstration Academy commit themselves to provide a safe, clean and orderly environment that will enable all students to learn.

2.        Recognizing that every child has a right to an education, we also believe that every student should practice the Lifeskill of RESPONSIBILITY (to respond when appropriate, to be accountable for your

actions).  They should not do anything that will interfere with the teacher's right to teach or another student's right to learn.

3.        Thoreau is a demonstration middle school site that promotes the Tulsa Model Community Guidelines of: Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Attentive Listening, No Put-Downs and Personal Best, Mutual Respect

and Right to Pass.

4.        Most students accept their rights and responsibilities in our school environment.  However, some students may exhibit behavior that restricts or impedes the learning process.  Therefore, guidelines are written to give these students an opportunity to change inappropriate behavior as well as to protect the

rights of the majority of the student body.

C.       Copies of the Student and Family Guide to Success (Behavior Response Plan is Included) with school and district policies and regulations concerning student discipline may be obtained from the principal/assistant principal, as well as the TPS website, under the Parents” tab, and selecting the Behavior



1.        Students are expected to be on time to class and seated with appropriate supplies when class begins.

2.        Students should remain seated while lessons or directions are being given and the teacher is taking roll.  (Pencils should be sharpened before class begins.)

3.        Any behavior that bothers someone else or interrupts the lesson is inappropriate.

a.       A summons for a detention may be issued for a minor offense.

b.      Summons given to the student are to be signed by the parent and returned to the in- house teacher.

4.        A referral and immediate removal from the classroom may result from a second minor offense in

the same period.

5.        This summons shall serve as adequate notification that a detention for a lunch, before school, after school or extended day detention, Reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

a.       gum chewing, eating in the halls/classroom

b.       tardies (three or more)

c.       talking at an inappropriate time/place

d.       disruptive behavior

e.       homework not completed

f.        not bringing required materials to class

g.       failure to follow teacher directions

h.       uniform violations

6.        Some of, but not limited to, the disruptions that will result in a Discipline Referral and appropriate intervention with the principal or the assistant principal:  (Parents need to look for a

copy of the referral in a sealed envelope.)

a.       Fighting

b.      Personal threats

c.       Destroying property

d.      Cheating, stealing

e.       Disrespect to the teacher

f.      Obscenity

g.      Leaving class without permission

h.      Bullying

i.       Disruption of the educational process

j.       Failure to follow Tulsa Public School Board Policies administrative regulations or state and federal laws.

7.        The guidelines for the In-School-Intervention Program in the current Tulsa Public Schools

Behavior Response Plan will be followed. Parents will be contacted by telephone or by referral when a student is placed in this program or is suspended from school.

F.     Students using Tulsa Public Schools transportation are expected to follow the rules and regulations

established by the Transportation Department.  Failure to follow these rules may result in a suspension from riding the bus.  Copies of these rules may be obtained from the Transportation Department or at the school office.


A.      Thoreau has a full-time Health Assistant.  The following are some of the rules and regulations that students need to know:

1.        If a student is absent for three or more days due to illness, that student must report to the clinic between 9:00-9:15AM before he or she returns to class.

2.        If students are sent home from school with a fever, they must be fever free for 24 hours (without the use of medications) before they can return to school.

3.        If a student needs to be excused from PE, he/she should bring a note from their parent to the clinic

before 9:15AM.  If a student needs to be excused from PE for more than six weeks, he/she must bring a note from their doctor.  The student will also need a written release to return to PE classes.

4.        An Agenda/Pass to the clinic is required after 9:15AM.

5.        Parents are asked to furnish the clinic with a history of any medical problems that students have, and updated immunization records.

6.        If a student is injured or becomes ill in school, their parent will be notified immediately.  It is very important that the phone number where parents can be reached when students are in school be kept up to date.

B.       MEDICATION - Medication will be given to a student only with the written permission of a parent, the

legal guardian or person responsible for the student's care.  Designated employees may not administer medications requiring invasive routes. Prescription medication must be in a currently dated prescription vial or properly labeled container that correctly states the student's name, the name of the physician or dentist and direction for administering the medication. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) may only be administered with written permission of the physician or dentist.  Non-prescription medication must be in the original labeled container with instructions for administration.  A new authorization form must be filled out for each change of medication and renewed each school year.  Medication that is not reclaimed by the last official day of school closing will be destroyed according to policy.  The regulations on administering medicines to students are available on-line or upon request.  Students are not allowed to carry medication or inhalers at school.

Exceptions to this rule are only made with written authorization from a physician, which is kept on file in the clinic.  Medications are only checked in through the clinic.

C.       ELEVATOR USAGE Elevator usage is limited to students who have special health needs. Parents are

directed to contact the school office to receive permission for student usage.  A member of the Thoreau staff or student chaperone will assist the student on the elevator.


All 7th grade students, beginning the 2011-12 school year, will be required to have one dose of Tdap

vaccine before attendance is allowed.  Please provide an updated immunization record, signed by the doctor, indicating the student has received the vaccine.


A.      HONOR ROLL - Each semester those students, who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above with

no D or F grades, will be on the honor roll.

B.       TRIBES Student accomplishments will be recognized during their Tribes program.  Students are expected to use the Lifeskill of EFFORT (to do your best) every day.


A.      STUDENT COUNCIL - Representatives are elected by the students of their grade to fill delegate and alternate posts for each class in grades 6-8. The regular process of nominations, campaigns, and voting create a council of student representatives.

B.       NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY - Thoreau National Junior Honor Society is composed of students

who have completed three semesters of middle school with an accumulated semester grade point of 3.5 and who exhibit excellent leadership, citizenship, scholarship, community service, and character.   Officers are elected.

C.       ACADEMIC BOWL TEAM - Academic Bowl team is a competitive group that meets regularly and enters

contests with other Tulsa Public Schools.

D.      ATHLETICS - A variety of sporting activities are available on a voluntary basis. These activities may take place in the school building or on the school grounds and they are supervised/coached by Tulsa Public School employees.  The following athletic sports are conducted by the Tulsa Public School System:  football, boys

and girls basketball, girls’ volleyball and cheerleading.  Other sports/activities may be provided by the school on a voluntary basis.  They are golf, tennis, soccer, swimming, etc.  Students are expected to use the Lifeskill of COOPERATION (to work together toward a common goal or purpose). Practices/games take place outside of the curricular day.  Parents shall be responsible for transporting any student to and from these



In the event a student voluntarily withdraws from a Thoreau sporting team once the season has begun. said

student will NOT be allowed to participate on any other Thoreau sporting team for the rest of the school year. Eligibility to play any sport is determined by the student’s GPA.

E.       TIMBERWOLF AMBASSADORS This program provides opportunities for leadership and companionship for new students to Thoreau.

F.       THOREAU YEARBOOK – This is a student publication printed yearly to cover local school news.

XVIII. FIRE DRILLS (Chirping sound with strobe lights)

Students are expected to practice the Lifeskill of COMMON SENSE (to use good judgement), during fire and disaster drills. During a fire drill it is necessary for you to follow the directions given by your teacher and to:

1.        Form a single line with your classmates as you leave the room.

2.        File quickly out of the room when the alarm sounds with the student nearest the door going out first.

3.        Walk in an orderly line and avoid crowding or pushing; walk quickly but DO NOT RUN. Remain with your class as you leave the building, and continue walking until all students are at assembled by TRIBE in the gathering area by number.

4.        Walk out quietly and remain silent so that all students may hear directions.


6.        Roll should be taken by the supervising adult at the gathering area.

7.        Walk silently back into the building at the sound of the ALL CLEAR signal.

XIX             DISASTER DRILLS (Announcement over the PA system)

During a disaster drill it is necessary for you to follow the directions given by your teacher and to:

1.        File quickly and quietly to the assigned classroom or hallway when the announcement is given.

2.        Form a single straight line along the wall area that has been designated.

3.        Remain away from windows, doors, auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc.

4.        Remain quiet in order to hear instructions and information given by your teacher.

5.        Walk silently back to your classrooms after the ALL CLEAR signal is given.

XX               PARTIES

Only those parties predetermined by the principal will be allowed.

XXI            LIBRARY - Hours:  Mon. & Fri. 8:25 AM 4:20 PM; Tue., Wed., Thur. 9:07 AM 4:20 PM

Book Checkout:     All library materials removed from the library must be checked out.  All books should be

returned to the library on or before the due date.  Books may be checked out for two weeks and renewed once if no one has requested the book.  Students may access their library account by going to the TPS website (About the

District, Library Media Services, Library Catalogs, and then Thoreau). To login to a personal account - click on login-login (again), login using Destiny. Username=ID# password=ID#. Student accounts allow students to place holds on books and check due dates for checked out materials.

Failure to return items:  Students will be charged a replacement fee for items that are not returned. Overdue Books:      Students will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the overdue item is returned or the replacement fee is paid.

Magazines:  Magazines may be checked out for 3 days.  The magazine will be placed in a protective folder before

being checked out.  If the magazine or magazine folder is not returned, the student will be charged $5.00. Computers:  Resources include Microsoft Office Suite and numerous on-line databases. A complete listing of databases may be obtained by accessing the Virtual Library on the TPS website. (bottom right of the homepage in the Connect With Us box)  The username is start and the password is library.

Google: Each student has a Google for Education account that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Student usernames are as follows:

first name first letter of last name birth month (2 digits) birth day (2 digits) (no capitals, no spaces) Password:  student ID #

Electronic Devices:  Nooks with downloaded ebooks are available to students whose parents have signed a check-

out contract.  Students are liable for replacement cost of any device checked out.

Network Computers:  The use of the networked computers at Thoreau is a privilege.  Students must abide by the rules outlined in the District’s appropriate use form.  Students may not 1) download programs, games, or images

to the hard drive; 2) order items or subscribe to services over the internet; 3) change internet or other computer

system configurations; 4) load personal games or programs that have not been purchased by Thoreau.

Appropriate Use Forms:  Students and parents must sign a TPS Appropriate Use Form before the student will be allowed to use the computers or the Internet. The form will be valid for all three years of middle school and will

be kept on file in the student’s cumulative folder.

Talent Release Forms:  Parents and students are requested to sign a Talent Release Form in order for the student’s work or picture to appear on the Thoreau webpage, in brochures, newspapers, or in KECT and school video


Sequoyah Books:   The Thoreau library encourages students to read the Sequoyah list selections. The Intermediate Master List is for Middle School Students.  These books are popular and are in great demand. Copies: Photocopies or computer printouts may be printed at 10 cents per page for black and white (these fees are

non-refundable and will be charged on student mistakes as well). Color printing is not available to students. Students may purchase a Thoreau Print Card for $5.00, redeemable for 55 copies. The card is redeemable as long as the holder attends Thoreau. Print Cards will be kept in the library for the student’s convenience.


Assignments are given to help the student use the skills that they have learned.  The purpose of homework is to

enrich and extend the learning experience.  It is the responsibility of the student to:

1.        Have a special place in your Agenda/Pass book for writing assignments and due dates.

2.        Students are expected to use the Lifeskill of CURIOSITY (a desire to investigate and seek understanding of one’s world) by asking questions of the teacher for more information.

3.        Check with your teacher immediately if you find that you are unable to complete the assignment.

4.        Have a definite time and place for doing homework.

5.        Complete all assignments in a neat and careful manner and turn them in on schedule.

6.        Enroll in an extended day study hall for assistance.

7.        Access Thoreau math textbook, worksheet and online help at


Student grades are always accessible to parents through PowerSchool, and parents are to get their student’s grade

report from PowerSchool. Parents may access student grades at any time through the Parent Portal” by using the pass code that may be acquired through the school office.  Please see your counselor in person for Power School

Parent Portal” access code.


Student led conferences will be held so that students may exhibit the Lifeskill of PRIDE (satisfaction from doing

your personal best). Individual parent conferences will be held during planning times. Appointments may be made through the counselor’s office.


Inexpensive student insurance is available for students of Tulsa Public Schools.  Each student will receive an

application to be taken home during the first week of school.  Completed applications should be brought to the school office.  Questions concerning this program should be directed to the phone number on the brochure.


The Tulsa Public School District has a due process procedure.  If the student or parents/guardians feel the student

has been unfairly treated, they have the opportunity to use due process policies or any other school regulations or procedures. In addition, the student, in the case of such an incident:

·         Has sufficient opportunity to give his or her version of the alleged violation.

·         Has the right to a conference with the principal or assistant principal.

·         Has the right to appeal a suspension to the Suspension Review Committee.  For suspensions of more than ten school days the appeal may then be brought to the Area Administrator and the Board of Education.




A disabled student and his/her parent/guardian are entitled to the procedural protection of Section 504 and IDEA-

B before the student's placement is changed for disciplinary reasons.  If additional information is needed, consult the handbook entitled "Discipline of Handicapped Students in Elementary and Secondary Schools," supplied by

the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, D.C.


ALL TULSA PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDINGS have been inspected for asbestos-containing materials in

accordance with E.P.A. mandates on or before October 12, 1989, by licensed and accredited inspectors. Results of inspections, samples and subsequent analysis are available for your review in the ASBESTOS

MANAGEMENT PLAN on file in this building and Tulsa Public Schools’ Maintenance Center, 1555 N. 77th East

Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  All buildings are scheduled for periodic surveillance every six (6) months. Contact: Maintenance Center, 1555 N. 77th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115. Phone:918.833.8019.


In case of emergency, each student is REQUIRED to have the following information on file at the school office

(If this information changes, please inform Ms. Murphree, the Attendance Clerk):

1.        Parent/guardian name(s)

2.        Complete and verified up-to-date address

3.        Home, work, and cell phone numbers

4.        Emergency phone number of friend or relative

5.        Physician's name and phone number

6.        Medical alert information

7.        Authorized person(s) allowed to pick a student up from school


Every child with special needs has a right, by law (PL 94-142), to a free and appropriate education. This includes

children and adults (0-21 years), with any type of physical, mental, emotional, or learning handicap. This is an attempt to locate these children in order to assist in providing the services to which they are entitled. If you are

aware of a handicapped child in need of service, please contact our office or the Tulsa Public Schools Department

of Special Education, Education Service Center, 3027 South New Haven, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0208.  The phone number is 746-6867.


Every child in Tulsa Public Schools who shows evidence of high performance ability in areas such as intellectual,

creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic areas, and who requires learning opportunities or experiences not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop such capabilities is eligible for nomination and referral for participation in the Gifted and Talented program.  This is an attempt to locate those children in order to assist in providing the services to which they are entitled.



PANTS - Khaki or Black pleated pants.  Must be hemmed and appropriately fitted. Sagging or baggy pants are prohibited.  Cargo, capris, jean-like and skinny pants are prohibited. A brown or black belt must be worn.

SHORTS - Khaki or Black, walking shorts with pleats. Shorts must be no shorter than the width of a dollar bill above the knee-cap.  A brown or black belt must be worn.

SHIRTS - White, Hunter Green or Black solid color, no logo, pique knit shirt (polo style with collar, two or three buttons, short or long sleeve, no pockets), as well as a white or yellow (NOT polo) Oxford button down collar shirt,

solid color, no logo (short or long sleeve).  All shirts must be worn tucked in.  Only plain white T-shirts may be

worn under a uniform shirt and the outer garment must be the longest.

SWEATER - Hunter green sweater vest, cardigan, or V-neck with Thoreau logo.

SWEATSHIRTS Hunter green or black sweatshirts may be worn but they must have the THOREAU ACADEMY embroidery on the left side of the chest.  A collared shirt must be worn underneath.

TURTLENECKS - Hunter green, black or white turtlenecks may be worn under a uniform shirt.  Turtlenecks may

NOT be worn alone.

SHOES Footwear with a solid backing or strap over the heel may be worn.    NO FLIP FLOPS, HOUSE SHOES, OR BOOTS.

SOCKS - Solid black, brown, or white socks.

VEST Approved grey polar fleece vest or jacket with Thoreau logo. TIE - The approved plaid tie may be worn with a button down shirt.


PANTS - Khaki or Black pleated pants.  Must be hemmed and appropriately fitted. Sagging or baggy pants are prohibited.  Cargo, capris, jean-like and skinny pants are prohibited. A brown or black belt must be worn.

SHORTS - Khaki or Black, walking shorts with pleats. Shorts must be no shorter than the width of a dollar bill above the knee-cap.  A brown or black belt must be worn.

SKIRTS Khaki, Black, or Thoreau Plaid box-pleated skirts.

SKORT - Khaki skort.

Skirts, skorts and shorts must be no shorter that the width of a dollar bill above the knee.

SHIRT - White, Hunter Green or Black solid color, no logo, pique knit shirt (polo style with collar, two or three

buttons, short or long sleeve, no pockets, no cap sleeves), as well as a white or yellow (NOT polo) Oxford button down collar shirt, solid color, no logo shirt (short or long sleeve).  All shirts must be worn tucked in.  Only plain

white T-shirts may be worn under a uniform shirt and the outer garment must be the longest.

SWEATER - Hunter green sweater vest, cardigan, or V-neck with Thoreau logo.

SWEATSHIRTS Hunter green or black sweatshirts may be worn but they must have the THOREAU ACADEMY embroidery on the left side of the chest.  A collared shirt must be worn underneath.

TURTLENECKS - Hunter green, black or white turtlenecks may be worn under a uniform shirt.  Turtlenecks may

NOT be worn alone.

SHOES Footwear with a solid backing or strap over the heel may be worn. NO FLIP FLOPS, HOUSE SHOES, OR BOOTS.

SOCKS - Solid black, brown, or white socks. Black or opaque hose/tights (must cover the foot, no leggings) may be worn.

VEST Approved grey polar fleece vest or jacket with Thoreau logo. TIE - The approved plaid tie may be worn with a button down shirt.

Both Girls & Boys

Jewelry, accessories, make-up and hair must follow general safety, modesty, and decency guidelines and not be a distraction in class.  Visible pierced jewelry will be limited to the ear (per TPS Dress Code 2601-R Page 2). The only colors the hair may be dyed are colors consistent with the natural color of the student’s hair.

Two different color combinations on uniforms are required (no black on black).

·          Only approved Thoreau T-shirts, sweaters, vests, and sweatshirts will be permitted. C & J School Uniforms carries a full line of Thoreau uniforms.  K. Renee & Company Uniforms is also a uniform provider.


Students should practice theLifeskill” of responsibility and be sure to ask questions whenever they have concerns or

issues with things that seem unclear.


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