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Sixth Grade


Our Staff in Alphabetical ORDER

Adams, Rachel 
Albertson, Barbara
Beaver, Matthew
Biggs, Keri         
Bressler, Pam    
Brown, Angela  
Byrd, Kelly        
Carnegie, Kirstein
Carvell, James  
Childers, Parker
Copeland, Donna
Dale, Loretta     
Davis, Lisa         
Davison, Courtney
DeWeese, Meg 
Diamond, Josh
Doctor, Audrey
Domond, Wilner
Elizalde, Patricia
Gibney, Amanda
Giffhorn, Matt
Gordon, Tara C
Hatter, Aida  
Heisten, Ernest
Hixson, Joshua
Hongo, Asia   
Kerbo, Cheryl
Lampkin, Shelly
Lewis, Patricia M
Lundy, Harley M. Jr
Manley, Cindy 
Marlow, Deanna
Maxeiner, Timothy
Minter, Darlene
Murphree, Taylor
Naiman, Gwen
Naiman, Valerie
Najita, Amy    
Nash, Mildred
Neal, Rene      
Pierce, Candance
Pulliam, Trinity
Ramirez, Jesus
Rich, Jennifer
Roberts, Janice
Rodebush, Courtney
Rogers, Jason  
Ruhl, Connette
Schlipf, Susan 
Seward, Suzanne
Shinn, Kendra
Stephens, Christina
Thomas, Leah 
Thoreau Cafe  
Tillman, Pamela
Todd, Patrice   
Walker, Jacqui
Warren, Sandy
Weddington, Marsha
Wilborn, Rodhey
Wilford, Kathleen
Wright, Jennifer
Yost, Megan      

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