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  • Address
    7370 East 71st Street
  • School phone
  • School fax
  • Office Hours
    8:15 am to 4:15 pm
    3:30 pm on Wednesdays
  • School Hours
    Breakfast:      8:20 am
    Classes start: 8:45 am
    School ends:  3:50 pm ; 4:25 pm if staying for Extended Day
    3: 50 pm - early dismissal on Wednesdays
  • Friday Early Release Dates
    School will be released at 2:30 pm on the following dates.   lso see the  Thoreau Demonstration Main Calendar

    TPS Early Release Dates are the FIRST Friday of the following months:  September ,October ,November , December , February 7th,March 4th,April 4th
  • To report a student absence
    Call 918-833-9700
    Email:  Thoreau Absences   
              (To report full day absences, please state student name, date of absence and reason for absence.)
    Students must bring a signed note from the parent to the registrar before 8:50 am.  If parents are picking up their child/children, they must sign them out of school through the bookstore or office.  Parents may not go directly to the classroom.  A request by phone is not considered an official release from school.  Students must be picked up by the parent from the bookstore or main office.  Students will be released to a parent, guardian, or other persons listed on their emergency sheet only and only after the parent has signed the early withdrawal form.  Students will be called to office after being signed out. 

    For your child's safety, students will not be called out of class to wait outside for a parent.  Parents must come into the building to get their child.
  • Contact a Teacher
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