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Thoreau Football




  Coaching Staff  


Head Coach/ QB:                                            CJ Davison


Running Backs/ Assistant Head Coach:    Josh Hixson


Offensive Line/ Offensive Coordinator:    Scott Childers


Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends:                       Tony Mason


Defensive Backs/  Defensive Coordinator:Jon Macartor


Defensive Line:                                               Matthew  Beaver


Linebackers:                                                    CJ Davison

JR HIGH Football Schedule2015.xlsx

Team Expectations & Rules


1. Academics

Players should focus on Academics first.

Practices are short so players can complete schoolwork.

Players should not miss practice to catch up on schoolwork. 

Players on ineligible lists for 2 weeks will be removed from the team.


2. Equipment:

Players are responsible for knowing what equipment to bring each day for practices.

Proper uniform for school and games based upon the schedule provided.

Players are never to practice in game uniforms.

Players without proper equipment for the day will be sent home. Repeat offenses will be removed from the team.

Provided: helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, pads, chin strap, game pants & jerseys

Not Provided: Forrest green game socks, cleats, mouthpiece,  athletic supporter


3. Respect:

Leaders in the classroom and on the field.

Respect teachers.

Players, Coaches, & Parents are to respect each other at all times.

NO Inappropriate language, fighting, or bullying.

Suspended players or disciplinary issues will not represent Thoreau on the field.

Parents are not allowed on the practice field or sidelines during practices or games.



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