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Thoreau Athletics offer the following sports for the 2014-15 school year. Please see tabs to the left for individual sports. 

Fall Sports:

    Cheerleading (August -May)

    Volleyball (August-October)

    Football (August-October)

CLUB SPORT- Swimming (August- November)

Winter Sports:
    Girl's Basketball (October - January)
    Boys Basketball (October - January)

Spring Sports:
    Outdoor Soccer ( March-April-May)

CLUB SPORT-Golf and Tennis(March-April-May)

Each child that participates in athletics at Tulsa Public Schools is required to have a current medical physical (after May 1) and athletes must have the online forms filled out. and completed.

Please contact the athletic director with any questions or concerns. Thoreau policy is that you speak with the Athletic Director about issues instead of approaching coaches.  Thank you!

Thoreau Athletic Director
Mr Maxeiner

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